What Is Depression & What Is The Best Treatment?

How Can Depression In Dubai Be Treated?
Major depression is a serious mental disease, which diminishes role functioning and quality of life. The World Health Organization has ranked depression the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide.
Depression In Dubai is often due to work related problems. Expatriates are experiencing long hours of work, in a worldwide competitive environment, where they are most of the time separated from their home country, close friends and family.

In general, everyone can feel depressed from time to time during lifetime due to changes, loss, stress at work, etc. But depression becomes a real mental disease when a range of different symptoms are experienced by the individual such as:

Depressed mood most of the time;
Fatigue, decrease in energy;
Irritability, anxiety,
Feeling of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness;
Sleeping disorders;
Overeating or lack of appetite;
Loss of interest in usual activities.

If symptoms are starting to negatively impact your life such as creating work, family or relationship issues, then it is time to seek the help of a mental health specialist such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The feeling of guiltiness is a very common symptom, which might prevent the individual to seek help. The individual is feeling ashamed of being so tired of everything and develops a tendency to isolation. The fact that depression is not a physical disease makes it very difficult to understand by the patient’s relatives, which can increase the stigmatization and isolation. Therefore, it’s important for the patient and his relatives to be sensitized to depression symptoms.

Depression might be just a single episode due to an external factor that can be clearly identified, such as loss, grief, intense stress, traumatic event, etc.

On the opposite, depression can also be a recurrent disorder that an individual might experience several times during his lifetime, which might lead to chronic depression and is therefore way more difficult to identify.
In that case, it’s important to start psychotherapy to understand the roots of it that might come from the past such as childhood. A psychoanalytic treatment is clearly indicated then, to cure the patient in the long-term and avoid any relapse.

For minor and some moderate forms, psychotherapy can be enough but for the most severe form, the ideal treatment for depression is to combine the intake of an antidepressant and psychotherapy.

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