Psychological Assessments/ IQ Tests

I’m providing a complete psychological assessment for children with internationally- recognized tests such as the WIPSSI test (from 3 to 7 years old) and WISC-V (from 7 to 16 years old).

Those tests (Weschler Intelligence scales for children) are the more advanced cognitive ability assessments available in the market.
It provides a complete detailed report on a child’s intelligence, giving at the end a full IQ score, formerly known as an intelligence quotient which can be divided into a Verbal and performance IQ.

The WISC can be used to show discrepancies between a child’s intelligence and his/her performance at school.
They are very helpful to understand the strength and weaknesses of your child’s cognitive abilities and then provide a good reference to help your child adequately and increase his general performance at school.

Those tests are assessing every aspect of a child cognitive abilities such as verbal comprehension, visual-spatial abilities, fluid reasoning, working memory, processing speed, etc. This test combined with a clinical assessment and another questionnaire can be relevant to diagnosed ADHD.

The test takes 90 minutes and a certified report will be issued at the end of the evaluation.
The test can be completed by a personality test which will give a full assessment of a child personality and intelligence which are accurately correlated.

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